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We help provide food to the hungry in association with the Southwest Florida Food Pantry.
We have established community partnerships with organizations such as the Gulf Coast Symphony.
We serve social justice by holding our local leaders accountable for their actions in our community...
...coming together with people of other faith communities in our search for justice.

Social Justice & Community Engagement

Our Unitarian Universalist faith has always been based in an inclusive theology that challenged its members to embrace society’s marginalized members, a tradition that is alive and well here in our congregation. We seek to create a more just society with our active Social Justice Committee. These are a few of the ongoing projects we are involved with, and many more that occur throughout the year:

Lee Interfaith For Empowerment (LIFE)

LIFE is an interfaith justice ministry seeking long-term solutions to systemic injustices that began in Lee County, and have grown to encompass the State of Florida. Each year, LIFE engages in a series of processes to

  • Determine and vote on a problem area to be focused upon that year;
  • Research with other faith communities and determine who has the power to change it;
  • Organize and gather in what is called Direct Action, ask those accountable and in power to commit to a solution;
  • Follow up on the problem/solution/commitments to ensure measurable success for 24 month period

Our national Association encourages us to stay engaged with congregation-based community organizing. We are fortunate to receive funding from the Unitarian Universalist Funding Program in recognition of our commitment to interfaith justice organizing. Through our involvement in LIFE, we are addressing injustice, building up the work of our congregation as well as interfaith community across theological, class, racial and ethnic dividing lines.

Alliance for Fair Food (AFF)

The Alliance for Fair Food is a network of students, activists, and people of faith who work in partnership with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) to improve sub-poverty wages, end modern-day slavery and human rights abuses in the fields. AFF brings the spiritual resources of diverse faith traditions and the moral weight of faith-based voices in society to our work in collaboration with farmworkers for justice in the fields. The members and Minister of UUCFM have supported the CIW by sponsoring the Farmworkers Caravan, participating in a hunger strike, and protesting in front of Publix for a “penny a pound” more for the tomato pickers.

South Fort Myers Food Pantry

In 2008, the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fort Myers, along with eight founding churches, founded this much needed community service. The pantry operates much like a grocery store, where recipients are able to choose the grocery items they need -- however recipients can only come every other week. The Pantry is located behind the Cypress Lake Presbyterian Church on Cypress Lakes Drive, and is open on Mondays.
Food donations from the coalition of churches stock the pantry, plus the partnership with the Harry Chapin Food Bank, which helps us purchase $6.00 worth of food for $1.00. This popular program has at a minimum 25 of our own members volunteering, sorting and distributing the donated food. The dedication shown by our members who either serve as volunteers or support the pantry with contributions of food and/or money is evidence of our commitment to social action and community outreach.  If you are interested in learning more, visit their website at or contact Fran Rose at 239-432-9538 or by email.

The Holton Eco-Preserve

The Holton Eco-Preserve (HEP) is a community outreach program of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fort Myers and incorporates approximately 5+ acres on the grounds of UUCFM. Our faith community has a green sanctuary designation, and is dedicated to living lightly on the earth, to creating and educating others on sustainable lifestyles/living, and to living in harmony with nature. The Holton Eco-Preserve is an example of putting principles into action as it offers many opportunities to commune with the beauty of nature (walking trails, natural habitat restoration, demonstrations gardens), to develop and expand educational programming and events for our congregation and our community, and is dedicated to helping people steward our earth. Learn more at and “like” our facebook page at   

Bill Brewer Family Gardens

The Bill Brewer Family Gardens offers community gardeners educational opportunities and support on topics such as soil preparation, growing, harvesting, and environmental stewardship. Community and congregation members may buy their own plots and try organic gardening for themselves! 


Testimonials From Members - Why I Became A Unitarian Universalist

Joan Hickok
"A liberal religion compatible with my secular Jewish background is important to me."

Testimonials From Members - Why I Became A Unitarian Universalist

Gina Gottman
"I needed to find a new tribe when we moved here; a church is a family."