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We're always pleased when new members join our congregation...
... and we welcome them with great rejoicing!
No matter your spiritual path, whether from Judeo-Christian roots...
... or from another of our world's traditions, we offer you a safe and supportive home.
Will you join us?

Path to Membership

* Please note: During the pandemic, we are not meeting in person. Please contact us with your membership interest and we will gladly make an accommodation to meet with you virtually.

The path to membership begins with getting to know the church through participation in worship services and other activities, to decide whether this is the right church community for you.  After attending for a while, we encourage you to take the next action into membership. When you join this congregation as a member, you are proclaiming the importance of community in your own unique religious journey.  We all need connection in order to survive and grow.  This is true in times of celebration, and it is true in times of hardship or loss.   This community thrives on mutuality.  Here you will be cared for and you will be called upon to care for others.  Here, the members and friends of this congregation will grow and be changed by the addition of your voice and your presence.

Path to Membership:

  1. Attend several services and programs to ensure this community is the right fit for you.
  2. Attend an optional Newcomer’s Meeting. Our Newcomers Meeting is an optional one-hour meeting intended to introduce newcomers to the basics of Unitarian Universalism and our church community. It is also a way for newcomers to meet and connect with one another.
  3. Attend a Pathways to Membership Meeting.  Our Pathways to Membership is a one-hour meeting, intended for prospective members to learn the responsibilities of membership.  Through interactions with fellow class members, facilitators, the minister, and Board members, each participant has the opportunity to reflect on their spiritual journey and consider ways in which belonging to Unitarian Universalist Church of Fort Myers might enhance it.
  4. Complete a Membership Packet.
  5. Attend a New Member Welcome Ceremony to covenant with the congregations and sign the membership book.

Membership Requirements:

Membership requires commitment to the principles and purposes of this church.  Members should be caring, supportive participants in the congregation, and shall, in accordance with their individual abilities, give both time and financial contributions to the church and its programs.
 ~ UUCFM Bylaws 

Membership with Engagement means:

  • Attending Sunday  services regularly
  • Participating in one church program each year that deepens your faith
  • Being involved in a mission project beyond our church walls each year
  • Reaching the five percent charitable giving level as soon as possible
  • Aspiring to a leadership role
  • Telling others about UUCFM

For further information about membership, contact Member Services.

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Testimonials From Members - Why I Became A Unitarian Universalist

Max, parrot pet of Harvey and Ann Heckes
“It is great that Unitarian Universalists respect the interdependent web of all existence of which I am a part! I hope I can attend more Blessing of the Animals services in the future.”

Testimonials From Members - Why I Became A Unitarian Universalist

Peggy Eisenberg
“This is a church that is a welcoming congregation, active in social justice issues, and works to combat racism, sexism, and classism. Is it really a church? ... My husband, Steve, and I came to UUCFM a couple years ago. We have been here ever since. I realized that I was a UU without knowing it! I have finally found my spiritual home.”