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Welcome to our campus.
Bill Brewer Community Gardens.
Experience lay led Worship Services by an experienced team of trained lay Worship Associates.
Outdoor amphitheatre in the Holton Eco-Preserve.
Remembering our loved ones in our Memorial Garden.

A Message From The President of the Board of Trustees

We continue to remain together as a community during the Covid-19 pandemic. It has been difficult, as we long to be together once again in person – to share a smile, a hug, a conversation over coffee. But this is still not the right time to do so. It is not safe. The pandemic continues. The UUA has provided updated guidance regarding in-person gatherings. In her published statement, UUA President Sharon Frederick-Gray states:

“As states around the country begin to loosen guidelines and take actions to reopen, even as COVID-19 cases and deaths continue to climb, we have received many questions from congregations about returning to in-person gatherings. Over the past several weeks, the UUA has consulted with multiple public health officials in order to update the guidance we provided on March 12 recommending congregations stop gathering in person. Based on advice from experts, we continue to recommend that congregations not gather in person. We also recommend that congregations begin planning for virtual operations for the next year (through May 2021).”

At this point, we don’t know how long our campus will remain closed to in-person gatherings. Your church leaders are continuing to keep an eye on the situation and will make decisions based upon the best available advice from the scientific and medical communities. It is our moral obligation to make certain that our UUCFM campus is not a spreading point for this deadly virus. The lives of our members, friends, and community are simply too precious for us to risk. Our leadership, staff, and volunteers are committed to providing a safe, virtual environment until this health crisis has abated. Until we are confident that we can provide a safe place for people to gather in person once again, we ask that everyone share in the responsibility to remain off-campus. I realize that this is difficult. Staying away at this time is an act of love that we extend to each other. It is a sacrifice that we make now so that no one’s life need be sacrificed. Everyone here is precious. Please have confidence that when the time is right, we will come together in person again and celebrate, with great rejoicing.

Lesley Peterson

President – UUCFM Board of Trustees

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