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We help provide food to the hungry in association with the Southwest Florida Food Pantry.
We seek justice through our work with groups such as Lee Interfaith For Empowerment.
We turn out in force to hold our local leaders accountable for their actions in our community...
...coming together with people of other faith communities in our search for justice.
Our commitment to making a difference extends overseas via The Grace Project.

Groups & Activities

Connection Circles

Connection Circles are small covenanted groups (with written, agreed-upon guidelines for how the group will work) who meet every other week for six sessions, 1.5 hours each, to discuss meaningful topics of personal and spiritual significance, with an emphasis on getting to know each other "under the surface" as we share personal stories, observations and experiences in relation to each topic, making them an especially helpful way for newcomers to get to know "older" members. Groups are facilitated by trained leaders, and registration information is included in our monthly Communicator, our UUCFM web calendar, and our weekly e-news.  Participants are expected to attend all 6 sessions.  Contact: Denis Jensen.

Women’s Circle Potluck & Discussion Group

The purpose of this group is to relax, have fun, share a meal and get to know other women in the church community. The circle is open to all female members and friends of the church.  The Women’s Circle meets on the second Monday of each month for a potluck lunch and conversation in Hobart Hall.  Each month there is a convener who chooses the conversation topic and leads the discussion. Childcare can be arranged if you request it by the Friday before the gathering. Contact:  Dorothy Van Howe.

Men’s Social Group

The Men's Social Group (MSG) is a covenant affiliation of UUCFM whose philosophy centers on fostering a UU-oriented camaraderie, spirit, and kinship.  Having an open mind and courteous attitude enhances the process.  In search of answers, MSG uses the wealth of knowledge amongst congregants as the basis to learn from one another.  Ideally, we are putting UU democratic ideals to work, appreciating the fact that it is a work in progress. MSG meets on the second Tuesdays for lunch. Specific information can be found in the Weekly Scene e-news delivered on Thursdays. Succinctly stated, if you enjoy good discussions and dining, y'all will be comfortable with MSG.  Contact: Denis Jensen.


The dinner-go-round is a social gathering for people who like to eat and converse with new and old friends. Each gathering occurs at the home of one of the participants, on a rotating basis. Currently dinner-go-rounds are scheduled between September through March. Contact: Denis Jensen.


The UUCFM FUUn BUUnch is a group of members and friends who meet occasionally at restaurants, sports games, and other events for socializing and relaxing. This is an informal group and all who like to have fun are invited to join us. For more information and to get on the mailing list of upcoming gatherings, contact John Fischer.

Testimonials From Members - Why I Became A Unitarian Universalist

Joan Hickok
"A liberal religion compatible with my secular Jewish background is important to me."

Testimonials From Members - Why I Became A Unitarian Universalist

Jill Carville
“We’re a church that doesn’t ask you to believe in any traditional religious beliefs if you don’t want to. Some of them believe in a God and some don’t.”