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Christian, Buddhist, Humanist, Earth-Centered... we all come together as one.
We enjoy having fun, such as at this Bardic Yule feast hosted by CUUPS.
Summer camp for kids teaches UU values with a Harry Potter inspired theme.
Singing our UU values as we begin the week of UUCFM Wizard Camp for kids.
The Humanist Group meets to share presentations on topics of interest.

Youth RE

Religious Education for Children & Youth

The purpose of the Religious Education program is to empower and enable children and youth as they set out to discover their own truth and understanding of the world.

Meeting time

Children from 1st - 12th grade attend Youth Groups after the service at 12:00 pm. Our elementary group is called SPARK and meets in Room 2. The Middle School group, IGNITE, meets in Room 3. The High School group, BURN, meets in Room 4.

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Children’s Religious Education

We have a vibrant program for children from Kindergarten through high school. Our classes meet after Worship Service and are staffed with volunteer teachers who seek to help each child in their own search for truth and meaning.  All children begin their Sunday morning in our Worship Service with the adults. 
Our curriculum offerings are based on the principles of Unitarian Universalism which in children’s language are:

  • Each person is important
  • Be kind in all you do
  • We’re free to learn together
  • We search for what is true
  • All people need a voice
  • Build a fair and peaceful world
  • Respect the Earth, our home

 Nursery Care is provided for children 4 years old and younger. Our nursery is staffed with a skilled attendant who will care for your young ones 4 years and under during our service.  We also have a “wiggle room” located in the back of the sanctuary for parents are who are not quite ready to part with their young ones.  This space is provided to meet your needs for a relaxed worship service with your baby or toddler.  With room and toys for several families, this room streams in audio from the service while allowing you a visual through its large windows.
Our Children’s Religious Education Program facilitates ethical and spiritual development in the lives of our youth. Through our liberal religious education, they are empowered to become free-thinking individuals who know & respect themselves and others, who contribute to their communities, and who make informed decisions regarding their spiritual paths.

We seek to:

  • Create a feeling of community within the classroom and the congregation, as well as a sense of oneness with the larger UU fellowship
  • Help children and youth acquire an understanding of the historical roots of our faith
  • Promote values that strengthen them to defer against racism, homophobia, sexism, ableism, and other forms of prejudice
  • Help children and youth develop respect for the interdependent web of all existence
  • Inspire an appreciation for our Judeo-Christian heritage and the world’s great religions.

Guide and support children and youth in the development and expression of their personal faith
Develop participants’ abilities to act with integrity, responsibility, equity, and love

Other Opportunities for Children, Youth, & Parents

Child Care
We have child care available for infants and toddlers on Sundays from 9:00-1:00  and Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:30p.  Special events may also provide child care.  Our silent pager system allows us to contact parents if their child is having difficulty in the Nursery.  We also have a Wiggle Room; a soundproof room located at the back of the Sanctuary that allows parents to enjoy the worship service while tending to their young children.
Child Dedications
This uniquely Unitarian Universalist ceremony of welcome offers parents the opportunity to have their children blessed by our congregation, their family, and our minister.  During this time our congregation commits to help the child grow in ways of love, truth, justice, and peace.  Contact Rev. Allison to discuss and schedule at 239.561-2700 ext 204, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
OWL: Our Whole Lives
This is a special curriculum offered outside of our regular Sunday morning programming.  Classes are planned every 1-2 years.  Our Whole Lives is a series of sexuality education curricula for six age groups: grades K-1, grades 4-6, grades 7-9, grades 10-12, young adults (ages 18-35), and adults.

Our Whole Lives helps participants make informed and responsible decisions about their sexual health and behavior.  It equips participants with accurate, age-appropriate information in six subject areas: human development, relationships, personal skills, sexual behavior, sexual health, and society and culture.  Grounded in a holistic view of sexuality, Our Whole Lives not only provides facts about anatomy and human development, but also helps participants clarify their values, build interpersonal skills, and understand the spiritual, emotional, and social aspects of sexuality.
Creating a Safe Place
It is important that together we do all we can to assure our children’s safety.  We take several precautions toward that end.  They include:

  • Running sexual and criminal offender background checks on all of our volunteer teachers, our child care attendants, and youth advisors.
  • Require that two adults be present with a child or group of children.
  • Require that our teens working in the child care program have taken a babysitter’s certification class through the YMCA, Red Cross, or other established certification program.
  • Asking that parents of younger children (Nursery & K-1 class) be sure to sign their children in and out.
  • Posting clearly stated procedures in the event of a fire or medical emergency.

We also ask for help in promoting safety.  Please be sure to read the Behavioral Guidelines for Children and help your children to abide by these guidelines.

Be a Teacher
It’s a profound contribution to the UUCFM community.  Volunteer teachers are our greatest need. Please consider making teaching your first choice for volunteer possibilities.
Teaching has many benefits:

  • It’s a wonderful way to spend time with your child.
  • Ministering to the spiritual and social development of children and youth can truly enrich your life.
  • It’s a great way to meet other UUCFM families.
  • It’s an excellent way to expand your own religious education.
  • Many lasting friendships have developed between teachers.

Classroom Support Coordinator
Assist with making sure teachers have the sopplies and support they need for the day’s class activities.
RE Table Greeter
Assist the staff by signing in visitors and showing them the classes they will visit that day, as well as other tasks that may be needed starting 15 minutes before the service begins and staying 15 minutes after service starts.
UUCFM Behavioral Guidelines for Children and Youth
We’ve become increasingly aware of the need for a shared understanding of the behavior that will help us all protect each other and care for our campus.  We have developed the following guidelines to promote safety and respect:
Parent Supervision
Parents are expected to supervise their children at all times unless their child is there for an event that includes adult supervision, such as religious education classes.
Use of Buildings
Please keep your children within the area of the designated program you are attending.  Children should not roam the premises unaccompanied.
Children need adult supervision on the playground at all times.

Wizard Camp

This will be our fifth year offering our UUCFM Wizard Camp in June.  Wizard Camp is a one week daytime camp for children 5-15 who are interested in the Wizarding world.  

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This year’s camp will be in session the week of June 27th-July 1st.  Come to camp, try on the sorting hat, and see if you are a Wave Rider, Stone Dragon, Phoenix Fire, or Wind Horse... eat Dragon Ice Cream, take classes in Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms, Care of Magical Creatures, and more!

For information on the UUCFM 2017 Wizard Summer Camp, or to register, go to:

Testimonials From Members - Why I Became A Unitarian Universalist

Antoinette Brown Blackwell (1825-1921), Unitarian minister.
“Throughout my life, I have addressed issues such as slavery abolition, temperance, and women's rights. In 1902, I helped found the Unitarian Society of Elizabeth, NJ, and served as its minister. In 1920, at age 95, I was the only participant from the 1850 Women's Rights Convention, in Worcester, MA, to see the passage of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, giving women the right to vote.”

Testimonials From Members - Why I Became A Unitarian Universalist

Jill Carville
“We’re a church that doesn’t ask you to believe in any traditional religious beliefs if you don’t want to. Some of them believe in a God and some don’t.”